Bizzydrones prides itself in providing independent and impartial advice on the UK drone scene.  It also has significant international experience at both the operational and regulatory level.

Being a commercial drone operator, you’ve got to address the ‘red tape’, be this your Operations Manual, your PfCO application or renewal, your records or logs, your research in advance of operations and much more.  This is where Bizzydrones can help if you’ve got a problem.

Contact Bizzydrones and fast-track your way through the process.

Just because you’ve passed your NQE pilot competency assessment and you’ve received your PfCO it doesn’t mean your need for further training and a refresh of your piloting skills goes away.  New applications in new industries, which you might not be familiar with, will require focused skills training.

If you are in any doubt about your competency or your flying skills, then start talking to Bizzydrones for independent and impartial advice.

Bizzydrones actively supports the UK commercial drone industry from a training and operations perspective.

Bizzydrones is now the holder of a UK CAA Permission for Commercial Operations (PfCO), CAA ID 8221.  It specialises in the provision of survey and inspection data using aerial photography and videography.

It’s currently building its network of other PfCO holders so that it can offer a nationwide capability on a local basis. If you’d like to be part of this network, contact Bizzydrones.

From watching TV or a film you’ve suddenly appreciated the potential in your business for using aerial data.

Who do you turn to?  How do you identify the right data provider?  What questions to you ask a commercial drone operator before you contract them in?  What are your responsibilities and more importantly your corporate or public liabilities?  Maybe you want your own in-house capability.

Bizzydrones helps with all these issues and more.

Bizzydrones is owned and run by John Moreland, a leading figure in the UK commercial drone industry.  His experience and expertise has been transferred to 1,000s of aspiring drone pilots on CAA recognised pilot training courses and workshops.

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